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HeartILY - *heart* I Love You

For the Love of the World, I love you

Personal me

Name: Dreams_stream, or you can call me Dreamer-chan or Yume-chan... Anything is fine!
Age: Saa~ It's rude to ask about my age, but I'm quite young actually :P Only 13.
Family: I live in a family with my parents, a little sis and my grandma... they're all nice people whom have raised me and supported all my life. I owe my life to them. :)
Friends: I have 2 best friends: erinae and lancelot_blood. But I hope to make more friends so you're all welcome here :) *hug*
I've just started with lj for a short time, so I don't really know much about anything... I hope to have all the help I can get :)
LJ: I'll be posting many things on my lj: my graphics, fanfictions, even my thoughts about stuff. You should know that my current obsession is jdrama and JE boys so I'll be posting about stuff related to them.
Words to those out there
As I've said before, you guys are all welcome here (I never set anything on Friends Only intentionally)... And I just want to say that you should just have fun in life and stop worrying about things you shouldn't be worrying about... well at least for now.

And erinae made this new community for graphics socolix
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